Silica is a multifunctional component in the body required for the production of structural materials in the body which includes skeleton, connective tissues, blood vessel walls, etc. Studies have also shown that silica is more effective than calcium in building strong bones.

Silica-Rx99 is Superior to Regular Silica Supplement

Majority of silica supplements available in the market provides <10 mg of silicon, which is sufficient for supporting healthy skin, hair and nails, but is insufficient for building healthy bones.


The Game Changer for Bone Building

Improve Bone Mineral Density, Flexibility & Strength!

Bones which are dense but inflexible can get fractured by a fall.

Bone Strength  =  Bone Density  +  Bone Flexibility

It is noteworthy that this case study includes pre-and postmenopausal women and men and even seniors in their 70s and 80s, all of whom observed remarkable improvement to bone density in just months. Being touted as a collagen booster, Silica-Rx99 stabilises collagen in the bones, which in turns allowing bones to “bend-not-break”.

Silica-Rx99 Increases Bone Density with 100% Efficacy*

Is Taking Calcium Enough for Strong Bones?

Contrary to common belief, research shows that calcium has little or no effect on bone density or reducing risk of fracture in those above 50. In addition, calcium does not improve bone elasticity & strength. It is a common assumption that calcium supplement is the answer for restoring bone density. In the USA, 43% of Americans take calcium supplements daily, of which 70% is older women. Yet, the osteoporosis is still constantly on the rise and will continue to do so.

Extensive Benefits

Dense & Flexible Bone

Healthy Joint & Muscle

Thick, Glossy Hair

Strong & Healthy Nail

Healthy Heart