Collagen Booster for Total Body Anti-Aging Protection from Head to Toe

Our body produces collagen naturally and it is most abundant when we are young. Nonetheless, collagen production starts to fall from age 25 onwards. As a result, wrinkles, sagging skin, hair loss and brittle nails start to become more obvious. Taking collagen supplements may not be enough. But silica is the superior alternative as it boosts body collagen levels at the root.

Skin health

After the age of 21. even as little as a 1% reduction of collagen in the skin per year results in reduced thickness and elasticity loss. These are linked directly to wrinkle depth. Silica, which is vital for optimal collagen synthesis and cross-linking of collagen strands helps the skin retain its firmness, strength and elasticity. Silica is also found to be a constituent of certain glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), which helps to promote skin hydration. As such, silica deficiency has been associated with sagging skin, wrinkles, freckles and cracked skin.

Health benefits of Bioactive Silica:

  • Support healthy skin – Improve skin elasticity, texture, hydration & smoothness
  • Protect against UV-induced skin damage, such as premature skin aging, wrinkles, skin roughness

Hair health

Silica is vital for healthy hair growth. Silicon is one of the essential trace elements of hair. It is also imperative for forming blood capillaries that supply nutrients and oxygen for healthy hair growth. Higher silicon content in the hair has been suggested to result in a lower rate of hair loss and increased glossiness.

Health benefits of Bioactive Silica:

  • Promote hair growth, reduce hair loss
  • Support shiny hair
  • Support strong hair (resistant to breaking)

Nail health

Silicon is one of the predominant elements in nail composition. Silica feeds the nail bed with all the vital nutrients to support healthy and strong nails while also offering protection against nail infections. Silica deficiency may result in soft, brittle nails, as well as ridges in fingernails.

Health benefits of  Bioactive Silica:

  • Support healthy & strong nails
  • Improve nail quality (brittleness, ridges)

Periodontal health

Like bones, silica is required to maintain health teeth by regenerating tooth enamel. It is the hard outer surface layer of teeth that serves to protect against tooth decay. Silica also works with collagen to keep our gums healthy, which could otherwise lead to bad breath, sensitive teeth, swollen gums, loosening of teeth and tooth loss. Besides silica, vitamin K2 and vitamin D are also important for oral health. Vitamin K2 helps balance oral microbiome, support remineralisation and protects against cavities. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in tooth development, as well as reduce inflammation of gums, which would otherwise be associated with swollen & bleeding gums.

Health benefits of Bioactive Silica:

  • Regenerate new tooth enamel to preserve healthy teeth
  • Protect against tooth decay & underdeveloped teeth
  • Protect against bleeding gums and gum recession (margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, exposing tooth’s root)
  • Support healthy teeth and gums