The Most Potent Silica

Bioactive Silica is a vegetarian, keto-friendly formula made of proprietary organic Silica-Rx99 derived from rice, vitamin K2 (menoquinone-7, MK-7), vitamin D3 and MCT oil. The synergy of multiple potent ingredients makes Bioactive Silica one of the most potent silica supplements available to support optimal bone density, flexibility and strength, as well as beauty and overall wellness. Unlike regular silica available in the market, this proprietary silica supplement provides a high dosage silicon, which is imperative for optimal bone health. Most importantly, this is the only silica formula that is research-proven to increase bone density of all individuals (100% efficacy) by average 13% in just 6 months, including postmenopausal women!

Unique features of Bioactive Silica

  • Highest functional dosage of silicon
  • Vegetarian formula. Collagen has no vegetarian alternative and silica, which boosts collagen at the root, is a promising plant-based alternative to collagen
  • No. 1 natural rice-derived silica with 99% purity
  • Ultra-high concentration (≥46%) silicon
  • Small dosage, large effects
  • Provide 42mg silicon per serving (silicon ≠silica)
  • Most superior silica in the market. Silica-Rx99 (46,000mg silicon / 100g) is 64X higher than world’s best-selling silicon product (720mg silicon / 100g)
  • Amorphous, water-soluble, pH-neutral silica with superior absorption and bioavailability

Absorption and bioavailability directly affects the efficacy of silica in the body. Silica shows varying bioavailability (<1 to >50%) and most show negligible to low bioavailability. Soluble silica can be absorbed directly in the gastrointestinal tract, which increases its absorption. Hence, choosing water-soluble silica supplement, such as Silica-Rx99 is of utmost importance!

  • Best potency in the market. Research proven 100% efficacy in increasing bone mineral density by average 13% in JUST 6 months, including postmenopausal women
  • Fortified with functional dosage vitamin K2 (MK-7), vitamin D3 and coconut origin MCT oil for added benefit