Bone Health:

silica-rx99 - testimonial-FHimeko

Bone density Z-score increased from 84.3% to 99.2% in 6 months

Due to my old age, I didn’t put a lot of hope on Silica-Rx99. To my surprise, my bone density really increased after taking it. I am very grateful and there are no words to express my gratitude. I still continue taking it now.

F. Himeko ( 84 years old )

silica-rx99 - testimonial-JChikao

Bone density Z-score increased from 60.2% to 67.5% in 6 months

At first, I didn’t believe that Silica-Rx99 can increase bone density, but I still gave it a try. Surprisingly, my bone density really increased. Thereafter, I managed to engage in heavy physical work every day. I recommended to people around me and they all are pleased with the results too.

J. Chikao ( 60 years old )

“The medicine for osteoporosis caused my bone density to decrease continuously. So glad bone density went up after I started taking Silica-Rx99. My doctor was also amazed with my progress.”

Mariko Nakamura ( 75 years old )


silica-rx99 - testimonial-Endo

“Since taking Silica-Rx99, there are improvements to my hair and wrinkles. My skin is more supple, my legs and hips are stronger now. It is marvelous!  I really appreciate the person who recommended this to me.”

Mrs Endo (67 years old)

“During winter, the skin on my hands tend to be rough and cracked. After taking Silica-Rx99, my skin doesn’t feel dry and I don’t have to apply hand cream the entire day. My nails are also shinier now.”

Yuki Asuna (49 years old)

“After taking Silica-Rx99, my hair  fall has lessened. I am truly grateful for this.”

Mr Yamada Taro

“I used to experience peeling skin on my fingertips. I don’t have this problem anymore after taking Silica-Rx99.”

Ella Wong ( 48 years old )

Overall Wellness:

“I had both periodontal disease and low bone density problems. I heard that low bone density is likely to worsen oral health. Thanks to Silica-Rx99, my dental problem did not worsen at all. I will definitely continue taking it.”

Mr K. Masato ( 70 years old )

“I always suffered from constipation or diarrhea in the morning. After taking Silica-Rx99, my bowel movement has significantly improved!”

Lawrence Lek ( 44 years old )

“After taking Silica-Rx99, my doctor was surprised to see a positive change in my whole-body condition.”

Mrs Vathiya ( 72 years old )