Bone Health

Silica-Rx99 plays an important role in stimulating collagen synthesis and initiating bone calcification, thus helping us to build and maintain dense, flexible and strong bones.

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Case 1

Middle-aged & elderly

All 9 tested individuals, including post-menopausal women showed an average 13% increase in bone density in JUST 6 months!

A Z-score compares bone density of participant to the average bone density of people who is also the participant’s own age and gender. If the participant is a 60-year-old female, a Z-score compares her bone density to the average bone density of 60-year-old female.

Case 2

29-year-old man

Case 3

Woman in 30s


Silica is imperative for keeping skin, hair and nails robust and healthy by stimulating regeneration of collagen in the skin and repair of connective tissues in hair and nail beds.

Case 1
Case 2

Significant improvement to overall hair volume, scalp coverage and thickness of hair in 90 days

Case 3

Significant improvement to nail quality

Overall wellness

Besides bones and beauty, silica helps restore and strengthen cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints, muscle, teeth, blood vessel, intestines etc, supporting overall body wellness

Case 1

Digestive health

Remarkable reduction in abdominal discomfort by 38% in 6 weeks

Case 2

Brain health

Silica increased removal of aluminium (toxic to brain) by 41% in 1 week and improved cognitive functions by 26% in 12 weeks

Subjects: 68-year-old female Alzheimer’s patient